Student Council Kuwi Viadrina



Your guide for studying

As the Student Council for Cultural Studies, it is one of our tasks to support you in your studies and to advise you on questions concerning your studies (all information without guarantee!) or to refer you to the right places. For this reason we have collected some useful links for you on this page, which should make your search easier. If you have a question, you can always write us an e-mail and arrange a meeting with us.

General Links

Here you will find links for the most common tools you will need during your studies. These include Moodle, ViaCampus, the login for your university mails, and the online book search of the university library.

Study Programs

Here you will find links to the corresponding pages of the individual study programs. Often you will also find module plans, course catalogs or various forms and applications. It is worthwhile to have a look!

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