Student Council Kuwi Viadrina

Student Body's General Assembly

Student Body's
General Assembly

For a more detailed explanation, here is a short excerpt from the STATUTE OF THE FACILITY BOARD OF THE CULTURAL SCIENCE FACULTY:

§ 2. Organs

(1) The organs of the KuWi student council are:
1. the general assembly of students (FSVV) and
2. the Student Council (FSR).

§ 3. The General Assembly of Students (FSVV)

(1) The FSVV of all students of the KuWi department is convened at least once a year.

(2) Extraordinary FSVV can be convened for problems of the student council.

(3) As a rule, the topics of an FSVV must be publicly displayed in the university department at least one week before the event takes place.

(4) The FSR must sufficiently announce the FSVV.

(5) The FSVV is convened:
1. by the FSR or
2. by the FSR on the basis of a written request from at least 30 students of the KuWi student body.

(6) The resolutions of the FSVV are binding for the FSR.

(7) The FSVV has a quorum if at least 8 percent of students from the KuWi student council are present. If there is no quorum, the students of the KuWi student council determine a new date on which the FSVV has a quorum in any case.

(8) Voting takes place with a simple majority. According to §8 paragraph 2, this does not apply to the change and implementation of a student council statute.

(9) All those present are entitled to vote according to §1. Resolutions are passed by a simple majority. FSR members present can withdraw the right to vote from non-FSR members in individual cases with a simple majority.

(10) The FSVV can only take place during the lecture period, except on weekends.

(11) All provisions relating to elections are based on the WO student body.

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