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"Atomkraft forever"

Film evening on April 27, 2022 on the subject of nuclear power in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation

"Atomkraft forever"

Filmabend vom 27.04.2022 zum Thema Atomkraft in Zusammenarbeit mit der Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung


On April 27, 2022, the Student Council for Cultural Studies organized a film evening on the subject of nuclear energy in Germany as part of the AStA Climate Week together with the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation. The film “ATOMKRAFT forever” by director Carsten Rau was shown. The panel discussion that followed was attended by director Carsten Rau, as well as Maria Haferkorn-Žafran and Julia Sophie Heinrich from the Federal Agency for Disposal.

About the Film

“In 2022 Germany will finally phase out nuclear power: The last nuclear power plant will be shut down because the experience of Fukushima has shown that the risk is too high and the technology is not controllable. However, a closer look reveals that this would solve the nuclear problem as an illusion: tens of thousands of tons of radioactive waste, the storage of which is completely unclear. Dangerous dismantling of the power plants, which will take decades and cost many billions of euros. And European neighbors who are sticking to the supposedly clean nuclear energy: 13 of 27 EU countries operate nuclear power plants – and the expansion continues.”

Source: Camino Filmverleih


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