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Vote for your cultural studies student council!

The Student Council for Cultural Studies is a student body that is democratically elected by the students of the Faculty of Cultural Studies. The tasks of the Student Council Cultural Studies include organizing events, supporting and advising students of the Faculty of Cultural Studies during their studies and representing the interests of all students of the Faculty of Cultural Studies internally and externally. In addition, we have financial means from the student body to carry out events and other activities. The Faculty of Cultural Studies includes the following BA and MA programs, as well as all PhD students who belong to the Faculty of Cultural Studies:

Do you feel up to the task of representing the faculty as a student body, having a say and thus helping to shape the university? Then join the Student Council for Cultural Studies! The term of office for elected members is 12 months and at the end of the term you will receive a committee certificate, which will enhance your CV. Students who receive BAföG can also apply for the committee certificate to postpone the performance record for the fourth semester by one semester.

Please note that the language of meetings in the Fachschafrat Kulturwissenschaften and also the legally authoritative language during the election will be in German.

All information about the elections and when the next elections will take place can be found HERE on the AStA page. In addition, you will find all documents, except for the irrevocable acceptance of the election (must be prepared by yourself), which you need for the candidacy:

We look forward to your candidacy!

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