Student Council Kuwi Viadrina



What the FAQ

The entirety of all students of a faculty is called “student body” (German: “Fachschaft”). For example, all students of the Faculty of Cultural Studies make up the student body for cultural studies.

The student council is the representation of the student body internally and externally. In addition, the Student Council organizes events with funds from the student body, holds meetings and advises students of the student body regarding their studies.

Once a semester in June or in December elections take place in the student council. There, 4 members are elected to the Student Council for 12 months at a time. The total of all elected members (max. 8) make up the student council. Undecided students can also become members of the so-called “open student council”, or “O-FSR” for short. However, O-FSR cannot vote on financial expenditures of the Student Council, nor can they hold the offices of “Chair” or “Finance”.

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